July 25, 2017 - RQI System Available at Memorial Health System


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RQI System Available at Memorial Health System

(July 25, 2017, Marietta, Ohio) -

A new program designed by the American Heart Association has made staying up-to-date with lifesaving information a whole lot easier. In fact, Memorial Health System is the first in this area to offer the program, implementing the RQI program systemwide in October 2016.

The Resuscitation Quality Improvement program, known as RQI, is designed to keep both the cardiopulmonary resuscitation and advanced cardiac life support skills, as well as certification, constantly updated. For CPR and ACLS the skills were required to be updated every two years, meaning every two years a person would have to take the time to retake a class. With that type of program, people often forget what they learned in between the two years. The RQI program allows people to attain the most current skills, which lead to the best response to a cardiac arrest emergency.

“Since the program refreshes skills and knowledge every three months, it keeps people continually current,” says Education Services Specialist Claire Mendenhall. “They’re not going two years between CPR and ACLS classes. Studies show that hospitals with the RQI system tend to have better patient cardiac arrest outcomes because the staff is constantly updated.”

The program works by having carts with medical manikins placed on them conveniently located throughout Memorial Health System. Then staff members go to an RQI cart every three months and complete a five-to-eight minute skill session on the cart’s manikins. The American Heart Association requires the person to obtain a current certification card before being entered into the RQI system. For people who have never had a CPR or ACLS class, they will need to complete the traditional course before they are put into the RQI system. Once in the RQI system, staff compliance will be tracked so individuals do not fail to complete the required modules. The RQI system sends an email to employees each quarter as a way to remind them.

This new training technology is currently only being used by larger health systems and now Memorial Health System. Memorial Health System is the fourth hospital in Ohio to implement the RQI System. There are eight manikin carts available for staff convenience. The manikin carts will be located at Marietta Memorial Hospital on the second, third and fourth floors as well as in the emergency department and the educational services department. There is also a cart at Selby General Hospital, Belpre Medical Campus and the Wayne Street Campus.

Unlike most CPR and ACLS classes, employee access to the carts is not limited; they don’t need to schedule anything. It’s designed so that if an employee has a few minutes they can simply go to any cart location and complete his or her training and after, they will have the most current information and education to provide patients the highest level of care.


“Since implementing the system in October 2016, feedback from employees has emphasized the impact of the RQI system on resuscitation skills,” says Mendenhall. “The staff involved in actual emergency situations have stated how practicing on the RQI cart adequately prepared them to respond. Since performing the practice on the RQI cart is never longer than three months apart, those involved in emergency situations felt their response was up-to-date and precise. This frequency increases clinical employees’ knowledge and skills and allows them to retain and remember what they’ve learned with patient care.”   

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