Testimonials on Giving

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Testimonials on Giving

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Memorial Health Foundation, Donors Making a Difference

For some supporters, being close to the people you???re helping makes the reward a bit sweeter. Doing good makes you feel good. And that???s a good thing.

Karen Richter, Donor Profile
Karen Richter has worked as a purchaser in the materials management department at Memorial Health System for nearly 10 years. Through the years Karen, like many Memorial Health System employees, has been a dedicated supporter of the Memorial Health Foundation.

Karen is part of a strong culture of giving at MHS, but her commitment began at a young age and extends beyond the workplace to all areas of her life. ???When my kids were little, I tried to instill in them the desire to help others; it was something my parents did with me.???

For many years Karen and her family have supported the Toys for Tots program during the holidays. ???I would take my children to Toys ???R??? Us and ask before we went in ??? did they want to choose gifts for themselves or for others? Without pause my kids always chose others in need???we didn???t need bags or gift receipts, we???d go from cart to payment, to dropping our whole purchase in the Toys for Tots barrels. We???d walk out empty handed, but happy in the thought that a little boy or girl will have a nice Christmas.??? Karen added that even as adults, her children always ask that she take some of the money she would spend on them and buy gifts for the Toys for Tots program.

Like most of us, Karen???s capacity to give has fluctuated through the years but she is quick to point out that actions and time are just as valuable as money when there is need. ???We???ve delivered throw blankets and bottles of bubbles to the medical surgery unit at MMH; blankets for comfort and bottles of bubbles to help them in their breathing exercises. We???ve sent Valentine balloons to children at MMH and we recently provided the pediatrics physical therapy department with construction paper for projects that they complete during therapy. There are so many ways to provide support when money is tight.???

Karen???s commitment to the Memorial Health Foundation continues to strengthen as she sees the results of her contribution, ???I know that whatever I give to MHS actually gets to those in need. When all is said and done, no matter how large or small the gift, I can look back and it makes my heart smile knowing that I had a small part in helping someone get medication or care that they otherwise may have gone without.???

When asked what access to local health care means to her, Karen simply responded, ???Having state-of-the-art care and equipment in a hospital that is close to home is very important to me. Time is valuable, gas is expensive.???
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