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Lifestyle Changes

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The Keys to Our Program: Diet & Exercise
A very important component of our Signature Care Program for Bariatrics includes lifestyle changes. It is important for patients to embrace these changes prior to surgery as well as after to be successful with long-term weight loss. Our registered dietitian works with patients to establish dietary and weight loss goals during their first visit to the clinic. Patients must commit to losing some weight prior to surgery as well as making changes in their nutritional habits. Our team of experts have many tips for weight loss that they share as patients move through the bariatric program. Most patients successfully lose 10 percent or more of their weight prior to surgery by following the prescribed dietary program.

Exercise is another key element for long-term weight loss success. Patients must commit to incorporating moderate physical activity into their lives on a regular basis. Many patients are unable to perform much if any physical activity when they start their bariatric program due to obesity related problems such as arthritis or shortness of breath. Our team includes outpatient therapists who work with our patients to help improve their activity levels as well as teach patients optional means to increase activity. When patients finish their prescribed exercise regimens, outpatient therapy refers them to other places in the community to continue their physical activity. For patients who are able to exercise independently at the start of the program, our team encourages them to exercise for 30 minutes 5 to 6 times per week. 

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