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Critical Care

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Memorial Health System is committed to providing each patient and their family with an exceptional experience through the most up-to-date evidenced-based practices. Throughout the organization, numerous initiatives have been implemented to improve our patients’ overall experience. Within our Intensive Care Unit (ICU), we have directed our focus on creating a first-rate experience through:

-Bedside shift report
– Completed by team members at the beginning and end of each shift at the patients’ bedside. This report has many advantages for our patients and families such as helping to provide clear and concise communication, an opportunity for patients and their families to ask questions and get answers more quickly, easily anticipate the patient’s needs, helping decrease the amount of time they spend waiting and provides a safer handoff from shift to shift, as our team will be able to more easily identify any changes in the patient’s condition.
-Hourly rounding – Performed by all staff on our team individually. They go to each patient room at least hourly throughout the day and every two hours at night. With each hourly round performed, patients and families can expect to hear the team member inquire about the patient’s needs including their pain and comfort level, toileting and dietary needs and for the safety of our patients, we will ensure their personal items are within close, easy reach.
Nurse leader rounding – Performed by our highly qualified nurse leaders within the department. Patients can expect the nurse leader to ask questions about how our team is managing their pain and comfort levels, ensuring communication with physicians and other healthcare professionals is clear and that our patients and families are always up-to-date about their plan of care.
-Multidisciplinary rounds – Completed by our ICU physicians and representatives from our other departments in order to focus on the needs of our critically ill patients and their families. Our goal is to create seamless care across these disciplines to provide the highest level of collaboration in caring for our patients.

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