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Why LiveMemorialWell?

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Why LiveMemorialWell?

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Expect More From Your Life

We must do more.

Our nation offers the most advanced healing the world has ever known. Yet, why do so many people still need to be healed of preventable illness? If we are so good at healing, why don’t we keep more people from getting sick in the first place?

At Memorial Health System, we’re looking at healthcare in a whole new light. We must evolve to something greater. We must touch every part of our community members’, neighbors, family and friends’ lives to help them reach their unique state of healthy. And inspire them to actually do it.

We must do more. And so we are.

This is our promise to every member of our community: We are more than a place to go when you’re sick or need a checkup. We’re more than a place to get scans, procedures and medicines. We’re your partners in health, with you every step of the way. Helping you reach the best of health and keeping you from getting sick.

We want to give you the vitality to accomplish more, enjoy more and find a sense of fulfillment no matter what stage of life you’re in. We want you to have a better life.

This is how we’ll do it: Allow us to be your partner in learning how to live healthier. . . discovering how to eat better. . . getting inspired to move. . . and find others who share your passions. Let us help you Live Memorial Well. That’s the name of our new program of health, wellness and prevention. It’s all about making you healthier in body and mind to help you achieve the best life.

That’s what we owe you and everyone else in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

We know life is short. Together we can make the most of what we have. We can choose happiness, practice kindness, rethink lifestyles, make gradual, lasting changes, get outside, eat better, move more, share with others and strive for a healthy balance.

Expect more of your life.

And now is your chance to make it what it ought to be.. All you have to do is begin with some simple changes. Join us. See your physician regularly, and take advantage of our health and wellness programs.

At Memorial Health System, health is our middle name. And helping you live a better life is why we get up every morning. So join us and Live Memorial Well. Memorial Health System. Expect more.


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