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Patient Identity & Security

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Patient Identity & Security

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Patient Identity & Security
The Memorial Health System uses a fingerprint technology system to further enhance the patient experience. The technology will scan your fingerprint, making a biometric map that is added to your medical record. It simplifies patient registration and provides accurate patient identification. 

How it Works
Our new technology uses biometric identification to verify your identity through your fingerprint. It’s harmless and stores the data pattern, not the actual fingerprint; connecting it to your medical record. It’s used at future visits to speed up your check-in process and protect your identity. It can be used on any patient age 5 and above.

Patient Benefits 
  • Enhanced patient safety, as it ensures the registrar accesses your unique medical record and medical history.
  • Helps protect you from identity and medical theft.
  • Helps ensure your privacy at time of registration.
  • After you enroll, registration will be much faster at your next visit.

Safeguarding Your Information
The Memorial Health System is a leader in health information technology. We are an early adopter of fingerprint authentication, joining several health systems across the country dedicated to protecting your identity. We are proud to partner with CrossChx to offer this innovative technology that protects patients’ identities and keeps them safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you using this technology?
This technology improves your experience, ensures we provide the right care to the right patient and provides a high level of security for your medical information. It’s not uncommon for there to be several people with the same name and even birth date. This fingerprint technology quickly and accurately identifies you and your medical information.

Will you keep my fingerprint in your system?
No, the fingerprint does not remain in our system; the technology creates a mathematical map and what stays is a unique ID that links you to your medical record.

Why use a fingerprint?
The fingerprint is unique to each individual. It’s as distinct, complex and unique to only you.

What finger will you use and what if I have one missing?
We will use the right index finger. If it’s missing, we will scan the right middle finger. If that’s missing, we will scan the right ring finger and so on.

Do I have to agree to using this technology?
No, this registration method is not mandatory for you to get care, but it does provide a quicker, more secure alternative. Those who choose not to participate will be registered using the current method at each visit providing name, address, date of birth, social security number and other information.

How is the device cleaned?
The technology is disinfected after each use with disinfectant.

Is there a cost?
No, there is no cost to patients utilizing this method of registration.

Notice of Privacy
Notice of Privacy (Clinics)

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