Pediatric Therapy

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Pediatric Therapy

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Memorial Health System provides a comprehensive team approach to the treatment of children.  Pediatric therapy is located at the Memorial Health System's Wayne Street Campus where play-based therapy is used to addressdevelopmental delays and other disorders.  Parent/teacher education and involvement in therapy are also emphasized.  Each child receives an individualized treatment program, with these activities being reinforced at home and at school when appropriate.

Physical therapy is an essential component in improving mobility skills.  The pediatric physical therapist analyzes strength, flexibility, posture and developmental skills of a child (relative to their age).  Based on needs, treatment activities address static and dynamic balance, independent movement and general gross motor skills.

Occupational therapy is an important element in improving an individual's occupational performance.  In a pediatric setting, the "occupation" of a child is to play and learn.  The occupational therapists analyze the child's ability to perform within his or her ability to perform within his or her physical and social environments in relation to what is developmentally expected.

Treatment activities address skill development in fine motor, handwriting, dressing, feeding, visual perception and sensory processing/integration.

Speech-Language therapy addresses childhood delays/disorders of articulation, language, voice, fluency and/or feeding.  Our speech-language pathologists conduct in-depth assessments of communication and/or feeding skills with the recommendations specific to the needs of the child.  Treatment is comprised of an individualized plan for each child using a play-based, child-led therapy approach to speech and language acquisition.  Specialized treatment strategies include, but are not limited to, P.R.O.M.P.T., Kaufman Approach to Childhood Apraxia, Beckman Oral Motor Approach and Food Chaining for Feeding Aversion.

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