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For many of us, quality is an important part of decision-making when it comes to products and services such as cars, cell phones, internet providers and restaurants.  At Memorial Health System quality should also be important when selecting healthcare services.
You trust Marietta Memorial with your health.  Why?  Because with every dose of medication, with every test, procedure and surgery, we stand behind the belief that quality is more than a concept, it's the only way to serve our patients.
At Marietta Memorial quality is a core component of all we do and is supported through experience, breadth of service, patient satisfaction, outcomes and employee/physician satisfaction.

Quality at Memorial Health System is not a program or a project; it isn't the responsibility of one individual or even those assigned to the quality department.  Quality is part of our mission, our strategic vision.  It is part of the values of our organization.  It is the little moment-to-moment interactions that, once accumulated, become the overall quality of what we do.

While there isn't a perfect way to compare the overall quality of hospitals, there are certain measures - both customer satisfaction and specific clinical benchmarks - that can be helpful when you need to choose the care that's right for you.
We invite you to learn more about Memorial Health System, our quality and patient safety and how we might be the best choice for you.
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