Memorial Health System
Billing and Financial Assistance Information

As a not-for profit hospital, the mission of Memorial Health System is to provide the highest quality health care to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Our generous and comprehensive financial assistance program further demonstrates our commitment to serve all members of the community with dignity and respect.

Financial Assistance
Financial assistance is available to the uninsured, underinsured, medically indigent or financially needy individuals and families under our compassionate care program. Based on income guidelines patients may qualify for up to 100% write off of their charges. Please see the Financial Assistance web page to access the Financial assistance Application and Policy, and the Billing and Collection Policy.

For those who don't qualify for financial assistance based on current guidelines, other sources of financial assistance may be available, including extended payment plans or discounts for prompt payment of your account. Please contact the business office at (740) 374-1413 to discuss your specific needs. We're here to help.

Memorial Health System depends on prompt payment of bills to meet expenses and continue to provide quality health care services to the community.

Should you have a concern that has not been satisfied, contact the Patient Representative at (740) 374-1541.

Hospital Insurance
MMH will bill your healthcare insurance if you provide the complete information at the time of registration/admission. Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for payment of all charges.

Pre-certification of insurance coverage is the responsibility of the patient. The authorization form you signed at the time of registration giving us permission to bill your insurance permits us to file your claim with all your healthcare insurance companies.

Patient's Share of the Bill
Patients will not receive statements until all health insurance companies, which have been identified for the hospital, have been billed and benefits paid. If no response is received from your insurance within 45 days, we will look to the patient/guarantor for payment in full.

Payments for co-insurance, deductibles or bills denied by your insurance are due upon receipt of your first statement.

Self Pay (No Insurance)
For non-emergent admissions, you will be contacted by our pre-registration department a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the procedure. As part of our pre-registration process, patients will be notified of their financial responsibility. Patients who are unable to satisfy their responsibilities prior to admission are required to work with a Patient Financial Advoacte to discuss other payment arrangements and our Financial Assistance programs available. Payment and/or secured financial application is required prior to procedure.

Personal Injury Claim
MMH will provide an itemized statement to you upon request to enable you to complete a personal injury claim. Medical records information must be obtained through the Health Information Services department. Responsibility for payment in full remains with the patient/guarantor.