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Marietta Memorial Specialty Pharmacy

The Marietta Memorial Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to helping patients and providers manage chronic and complex diseases that require specialized therapies and customized pharmacy services. Specialty pharmacy is different than traditional pharmacies in that we help guide patients through their medication journey to ensure effective, safe, and timely administration. We offer 24/7 support, so you are never alone in your journey. Our goal is to facilitate medication access for specialty medications and work as a financial advocate for our patients.

Our Specialty Pharmacy care team will thoroughly educate you on all medications, including administration techniques, side effects and drug interactions. We will proactively contact you to assist with refill reminders and provide on-going adherence support. We offer fast, free home delivery along with the option of picking up your specialty medication from Specialty Pharmacy location. As a patient of Marietta Memorial Specialty Pharmacy, our priority is helping you live better and stay healthy.

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Marietta Memorial Specialty Pharmacy
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