Memorial Health System
Tuition Repayment Program
Who is eligible for this program?
Occupational therapist (OT)
Physical therapist (PT)
Registered nurse (RN)

Eligibility Requirements
  • Graduate from a RN, PT, OT, or ultrasound program in the past 5 years
  • Must have passed state boards and hold an Ohio professional license
  • Must hold a full-time or flex-time position and remain in a full-time or flex-time position for the entire time of the loan repayment period as identified by MHS
  • Must not have any discipline on file at MHS or at any other relevant licensing agency, for previous 12 months prior to application
  • Successfully completed all requirements of the application process
  • Have not received tuition reimbursement from MHS for their applicable student loans
Loan Repayment Amounts

 Amount of Assistance Offered
 Number of Required Employment Years
  $1.00 - $2,000
  1 year
  $2,001 - $4,000
  2 years
  $4,001 - $6,000
  3 years
  $6,001 - $8,000
  4 years
  $8,001 - $15,000
  5 years

For more information or to receive an application, please contact Ashley Fought at and (740) 568-2203.